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Media Coverage

"SleepPhones have changed my life!"

"I just wanted to let you know that your SleepPhones have changed my life and I am not kidding when I say that! My husband snores terribly and we mostly sleep apart and it has been this way for years. When we would sleep in the same bed, I would wear earplugs and my ears would be raw and hurting after the second night from trying to twist and turn them to keep them in my ears. I now sleep like a baby AND in total comfort. I have told anyone that will listen how wonderful these are…they are truly amazing! PLEASE tell Wei-Shin Lai, MD that she has literally changed my life and I cannot thank her enough!" - Kirsten W.

"Amazing customer service!"

“Amazing Customer Service!!!  Katie was super friendly and helpful as well as fast in response time!  I am really impressed with this level of customer service.   Thank you very much for all your help.  Keep up the great work with SleepPhones!”  - Michael L.

"I love it... my sleep has improved greatly."

"I love it!! Since I received them (I won them on the Dr Oz show) my sleep has improved greatly. The music is so soothing and unlike regular phones that come off as you turn because of the headband they stay on through the night." - Roxanna C.

"This amazing device allowed me to sleep calmly days before surgery, without the need for heavy medications!"

“I wanted to give a huge thank you to SleepPhones. I received my wireless SleepPhones, in time for surgery. I suffer from PTSD and panic attacks, this amazing device allowed me to sleep calmly days before surgery, without the need for heavy medications! I believe my healing process is aided by better sleep, emotional rest and overall mental health due to your product. Pajamas for your ears - better yet, the healthiest pair of Pajamas I've ever owned!” - S. Thompson

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